The topic that I chose was emotions with the emphasis of psychology. I chose this topics mainly because we all deal with emotions. I’m kind of stuck because I want to focus on emotional abuse mainly because I been a victim of it but at the same time I just want to discuss the different types of emotions.

I’m asking each of you to help me out with this one. When dealing with the topic of emotions there’s so many different directions to go in and my mind is really running wild trying to figure out which way to go . I been doing research on both topics, if only I could combine the two together. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them.


Issues and Trends in the Early Childhood Field……The Final Blog

Throughout this course we have been studying about the different Issues and Trends in the Early Childhood Field. The four major consequences are :

1.Changing demographics and diversity


3.Influences of economics, neuroscience, and politics

4.Equity and excellence in care and education of children, families, and EC professionals

Poverty is a fight that we’re fighting here as well as the International Countries.  People are struggling every year, and it’s not getting any better.I know that it’s not going to change over night and I can’t change it by myself, but if we would all take a step forward by doing something as simple as volunteering at homeless shelters, donating food or clothes a change will happen. Through some of my research The Borgen Profit is a nonprofit organization that’s working to fight hunger and poverty. The Save the Children is another organization that working to end poverty. Most children around the world is not getting the education they need and deserve due to poverty. The Children’s Defense Fund Leave No Child Behind mission is to ensure every child a Healthy Start, a Head Start, a Fair Start, a Safe Start, and a Moral Start in life and successful passage to adulthood with the help of caring families and communities(www.childernsdefense.org).

It’s our mission as educators to make sure every child that we come in contact with has Head Start. We all have to work together to try to end this war on poverty.

I have enjoyed reading everyone blog’sand the encouraging words throughout this course. I pray that God gives us all the strength and guidance we need as we continue this race.






Professional Goals, Hopes and Dreams

This week in our discussion question we looked at the quality of teachers and professionals. When you look at some of the challenges of a quality teacher we have to look at the working conditions, the salaries. All of these affects the performance of the teachers. When it comes to being a professional; professional knowledge is crucial to learn about new policies, approaches, findings, and research related to the field (Castle, 2009). The also has a ethical code of conduct that they have to follow. Also what I learned from our required readings this week is that to be a professional it’s a lifelong journey.

To become a good quality teacher you have to have the passion it’s more than just a degree, if you don’t the passion in your heart to teach you’re just there for a paycheck.

Castle,K.(2009). What do early childhood professionals do? Dimensions of Early Childhood,37(3),4-9

Sharing the Web

As I continue to follow The Children Defense Fund the more information I come across. This week I was reading about Haley Farm, Haley Farm is the the home to the Leave No Child Behind movement. This farm is a place you can go to listen and learn from people who have experienced struggle, you get to talk to them and learn from them. The movement building works across boundaries, build communities, and share visions with one another.

CDF Haley Farm first opened in 1994, over ten thousand young people came for Freedom Schools trainings, inspired faith-based child advocacy of thousands of religious leaders and community organizers to expand diversity in children’s literature. The CDF purchased the 157 acre farm from the estate of the late Alexander Murray Palmer Haley.

I also read about Beat The Odd Program they started in 1990, this program has helped more than a 100 young people and is still supporting 30 high school and college students with scholarships, laptops and mentors.


Working Globally

Saving Brains is trying to help improve the chances that children living in poverty have, they’re trying to nurture and protect the brain development within the first 1,000 days of a child life. They focus on three areas of healthy development when you put all of these together to help a child reach their full potential.

Saving Brains is a partnership of Grand Challenges Canada, Aga Khan Foundation Canada, the Bernard van Leer Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Grand Challenges Ethiopia, the Maria Cecilia Souto Vidigal Foundation, the Palix Foundation, the UBS Optimus Foundation and World Vision Canada.

The problem they’re having is that over 200 million children that don’t reach their full potential and children living in poverty have a much higher chance of disrupting brain development. The approach that they’re using is seeking bold ideas to promote health and nutrition, provide enrichment and nurturing and protect against maltreatment.



Sharing the Web

The website I chose Children’s Defense Fund. There are numerous ways you can connect with the CDF you can follow them on Twitter, Facebook or on the website.

I was reading a article on the website that was written by Marian Wright Edelman; We Are Still Turning Our Backs on Puerto Rico’s Hungry Children. Back in 2017 hurricanes Irma and Maria caused some major damage leaving the children at risk but in reality the children was at risk way before the storms even happened. 6 out 10 children lives in Poverty in Puerto Rico this doubles the rates in New Mexico and Mississippi and these two states are known to have the highest poverty rate. While the nutrition benefits are being taken away unless you work.

Unless Congress acts immediately before its recess, 1.4 million people in Puerto Rico, including more than 300,000 children, are at risk of losing some or all of their nutrition assistance in March. As many as 230,000 participants could lose their eligibility entirely. Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens. Allowing these Americans to go hungry is a shameful slap in the face as they continue to recover from an overwhelming natural disaster and face a callous White House openly hostile towards helping them(www.childrendefense.org). Mrs. Edelman is fighting for Puerto Rico to have the same snap benefits as The United States, they’re food already cost nine percent higher than ours. You can help by contacting the Senators of your state and Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to allow a disaster relief package including nutrition assistance for Puerto Rico to be voted on and finally approved .


International Connections

The Borgen Project is a nonprofit organization that’s working on fighting poverty and hunger. They was founded in 2003, they focus on Global food security, food aid reform, newborn, child, & mother survival and access to clean water,power and sanitation. On their website they have at least thirty ways you can help, the way you can become a partner or a donor. They even have a blog Poverty Madagascar.

After reading I found out there are seven countries that account for over 58% of the world’s poverty; India, China, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Tonziania. Some of these countries I never heard of after reading it became very interesting three billion people don’t have access to a toilet and at least one million don’t have clean drinking water. What really broke my heart is when I read that 2.7 million newborns worldwide die within their first month, then you have at least 200 million children under the ages of five that’s underweight for their age, 3.2 million children under the age of fifteen is living with HIV and 161 million don’t attend school. These babies supposed to be our future it’s heartbreaking to know that the things we’re taking for granted they don’t even have.


globalpoverty 101 https://borgenproject.org